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Rimowa Raffle

Win the Legendary Rimowa Cabin Suitcase!

For only 100 points

Ends on 24.06.2024


Jumeirah Raffle − Apple iPhone 15 (128GB)

Jumeirah Raffle − Apple iPhone 15 (128GB)

29/03/2024 - 30/04/2024

Winning Ticket Number:

  • Member: Andy Clark | xxxxxxx103
  • Winning ticket: 3049/604 of 5 tickets bought.
Jumeirah Raffle − The Oura Ring

Jumeirah Raffle − The Oura Ring

01/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

Winning Ticket Number:

  • Member: xxxxxxx809
  • Winning ticket: 2920/1153 of 1 ticket bought.

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